Sunday, April 10, 2011

my first attempt on linocut printing.

1. I started my first attempt my printing out a silhouette of my husband and me (with no fill, just the outline) that I had made on Adobe Illustrator. After that I trimmed the silhouette to the size of my lino block, size 5x7. I also used a Carbon sheet to transfer my design on the lino block, I also trimmed to sized the carbon sheet.

2. In order to transfer the design on the lino block,
I started filling the silhouette with a pencil.

3. I removed the print out + the carbon sheet.

4. Select what linocut carving tools I wanted to work with.

5. Start carving the block

6. Remove excess around my block

7. Prepare ink area

9. Ink applied to my lino block.

9. And voila!, this is my first print.
The only problem I had is that I am not using the correct ink
for this printing method and that is why the print came out smudgy.

Promise to post pictures of my other attempts :)

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