Monday, November 29, 2010

bits from my weekend...

My husband and I spent a lovely weekend at Lake Atitlán. It was magical.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

my studio.

View from my home screen printing studio.
i love it!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

chuck close.

On my last job we used to do work for the gallery that represents artist Chuck Close. I always wondered what attracted me so much to his work and I have concluded that is most definitely because of my obsession with grids and methodically/mathematically developed artwork and designs.

here's an excerpt from Wikipedia about his work:

"However, Close continued to paint with a brush strapped onto his wrist with tape, creating large portraits in low-resolution grid squares created by an assistant. Viewed from afar, these squares appear as a single, unified image which attempt photo-reality, albeit in pixelated form. Although the paralysis restricted his ability to paint as meticulously as before, Close had, in a sense, placed artificial restrictions upon his hyperrealist approach well before the injury. That is, he adopted materials and techniques that did not lend themselves well to achieving a photorealistic effect. Small bits of irregular paper or inked fingerprints were used as media to achieve astoundingly realistic and interesting results. Close proved able to create his desired effects even with the most difficult of materials to control." (source)





Thursday, November 18, 2010

obsessed with zara...

and the color black.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

recent works.

Below are some page layouts of a recent medical catalog (for a company in NYC) I just finished working on.

If you are in need of graphic design services please send me an email to:

Visit my website to preview some of my design work... and please keep checking... I will be updating the website with recent projects soon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hola. hello.

I don't even know how to start this post. Life is changing quickly before my eyes, almost a year ago I was working, playing and living in New York City (my dream city), my boyfriend (now my husband) decided to take his dream job in Central America, I moved back to Puerto Rico to spend some time with my family (while figuring life out), got engaged, planned my wedding (never again!), got married... *phew!* and today marks my sixth week since moving full time to Guatemala City to support my husbands dreams.

I don't know what direction my life will be taking (since I am still in the "figuring out" phase!)... but all I know at this moment is that I feel very blessed for this new adventure (I know many would kill for this amazing opportunity of living in a foreign country) and happy that I get to experience this new world right next to my best friend, my lovely husband.

So far I can say that Guatemalans have made me feel at home, everyone has been very helpful and very kind... and since Spanish is my first language that has been tremendously helpful. After a month of having SW (my husband) as a chauffeur—two weeks ago I was brave enough to finally drive around by myself—and can't honestly say how many times I got lost—but at the end of the day was very rewarding... I was starting to discover my new home and I got that feeling of freedom back again... all the places I'll go :)

Right now we are decorating our apartment and trying to make it feel more "home like", my hubby is working a lot (thankfully he LOVES his job!, beyond words!) and I'm keeping myself busy doing some freelance work for the company I use to work for in New York.

My next goals: make new friends, keep learning about the city, find more freelance work, volunteer, maybe take a class, get on a schedule and start going to the gym and expand my cooking skills.

Well, I hope that you join me on this new experience and if you ever have a word of wisdom please do share, it will make me very happy to learn about likewise fellows that are going through the same life changing events.

*Below are some pictures from a recent trip to Copán Ruinas, Honduras.

bird at macaw mountain (a sanctuary for birds)


Copán Plaza (cute boutique hotel we stay at)




butterfly at macaw mountain (a sanctuary for birds)


view from one of the temples at Cópan Ruinas


at Cópan Ruinas


one of the temples at Cópan Ruinas